As discussed at the March 2014 Council meeting, please find below reasons/rationale for decentralizing national championships to provinces and then hosting national championships through a different format from what currently takes place. This submission is for your consideration, input and comment.

  1. This will ensure Mass Participation because Regions can afford to go to Provincial Championships as opposed to National Championships.
  2. Regions that are not functional will be easily identified because the championships will be right at their door step as opposed to those National Championships that take place far away.
  3. Regional teams could be decided either through selections or winners of the league (league winners only where leagues are functional and clubs have at least played not less than 5 matches). The emphasis should now also focus on ensuring that clubs benefit from being members. NSA to be fully involved in the monitoring of leagues.
  4. It will be easier for the Provincial Sport and Recreation Department to support that championship as opposed to all Regions going to a National Championship, especially bigger Provinces. Sport Confederations would also be given opportunity to really familiarise themselves with netball events so as to be able to perform support and oversight roles effectively (have authentic information on clubs, leagues and functionality of structures, monitor issues on the transformation score card).
  5. The idea will be that only Provincial teams go to National Championships. The provincial teams would be made up of all the best players in the province.
  6. Selections should be done at these Provincial Championships like it is happening (supposedly so) at the Regional trials/championships.
  7. The best 12 players selected (taking into consideration NSA transformation policies) form the Provincial A Team and play in the A section at the National Championships (The number of teams to be presented by Gauteng province at the A section yo be discussed, as more quality players are in this province).
  8. The second best 12 players selected form the Provincial B Team and they play in the B section (this section would also be strong because provinces would be able to accommodate the next best group of players in the province).
  9. The third best 12 players selected form the Provincial C Team that will play in the NSA C section. Having three teams per province would ensure that the top 36 players in each province are exposed to reasonably high level of competition; this should basically be the top players that should be ready to get into national squads.
  10. When selections are done at national level it would be possible to select and place players in high performance squad as well as in a squad that would be the immediate feeder to national teams. This squad would have to also be put in a program that would be monitored.
  11. This format can be followed in all different categories (U19, U21, Seniors and Males).
  12. These championships (provincial) must include among other things the grading of Umpires, the assessment of Coaches, Managers and other Technical Officials. This offers opportunity for development of umpires, coaches, administrators and technical officials in each province, closing the huge gap that we currently have. One of the reasons why there is this huge gap is that only a few officials (in most cases same individuals) only get opportunity to attend national championships with the currently set-up.
  13. NSA must approve the dates on which these Provincial championships will be held so that NSA can accommodate the deployment of their personnel to assess and evaluate Technical officials at Provincial level (there are so many Regional officials who miss technical assessment because they canít afford to go to National Championships).
  14. The Provincial championships can take minimum one and maximum three days depending on the size of the Province.
  15. This will ensure both development and high performance.
  16. The rules and regulations that apply to NSA Championships should be applied to Provincial Championships so that there is uniformity and adherence to standards. This could also help in ensuring that quota systems are possible as all racial groups in a province could be reached and enticed into participating. Where we are unable to get all groups (demographic) to participate we would be able to table valid reasons for failing to reach the transformation targets as expected.
  17. The Provincial awards (where organised) can thus have meaning because players and officials will be known to the whole Province.
  18. Players must be awarded provincial colours at these championships.
  19. NSA to be involved in the selection of provincial teams at provincial championships.